Wednesday, December 07, 2005


My fellow Americans, you have a tremendous opportunity to help the soldiers that make up America's National Guard as well as their families.

Leaders in the United States Congress as well as the Senate are currently considering legislation that would substantially increase health care benifits for soldiers in America's National Guard.

This, in my humble opinion, is long over due.

From patrolling Baghdad to training the Afghan National Army, from guarding airports to rescuing hurricane victims... the National Guard has been there, is there, and always will be there.

We have been serving for over 368 years, America's longest standing military service. Today, more than ever, the National Guard stands tall as one of the strongest defenders of freedom and the American way of life.

I have inserted below some information provided by the National Guard Association of the United States:

The TRICARE amendment will be debated and discussed between the House and Senate conferees within the next few days. Although we will have very strong support from the Senate in those conference negotiations, we still need to urge support from all House and Senate members and especially those from the House Armed Services Committee who are appointed as conferees. There are only a few days left in order to impact this legislation for this year. We need you to act immediately.


Contact your Congressman/Woman and Senators immediately and urge their support for TRICARE. Ask them to contact members of the House Armed Services Committee and Authorization Conferees to urge their support of this critical provision within the Senate version of the defense authorization bill. We need to take care of our Guardsmen and their families and TRICARE for all is something that does just that. We now believe with one heavy closing grassroots effort we can get TRICARE passed this year.

USE "Write to Congress" IT'S SO EASY!

By using our "Write to Congress" feature that can be found on the NGAUS web page you can contact your Congressional members directly via e-mail, and send the pre- written message (or edit it as you wish) by entering your zip code in the space provided. Now is the time for Congress to support all National Guard members and their families with a comprehensive health care plan. We urge you, your family and friends to act now!

This is a simple and quick way for you to say thanks to the soldiers serving in America's National Guard. If you have ANY questions please contact me. If you would like, e-mail your zip code to me at and I will send you your Congressperson and Senator's contact info.

Thank you.