Monday, August 22, 2005

Kadhimiya car bombs, FOB Justice mortar attack and new video of America unleashing HELL

On the night of the 21st two VBIED's (car bombs) were detonated in Kadhimiya, just outside the gates of our base. Our platoon, Samurai, was sent to the scene of one of them to assess the situation. A very nice and popular family restaurant was destroyed. Several innocent Iraqis were killed, including children. The peaceful citizens of Kadhimiya were outraged. By the end of the night the local citizens had turned in all individuals involved to the Iraqi Army. Kadhimiya is one of the safest areas in Baghdad because the people that live here stick together and don't tolerate terrorism.

We returned to our base to get a couple of hours of rest before we headed back out at midnight. Around 2015 (8:15pm), I was outside talking with SPC Castle and SPC Ransonet when five mortar rounds impacted on our base and the defensive positions along the river were engaged with small arms fire. The attack was launched from right across the Tigris River.

The beautiful sound of heavy machine guns returning fire is almost as beautiful as hundreds of red tracers piercing the night sky. Luckily, SPC Daigle was on the roof of the building we live in. He was able to record the tail end of America unleashing HELL on some terrorists. You'll notice the terrorists quit returning fire. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of this. It is an awesome clip. To see it click here.